HaloPrima-03 Mini

Halomed’s new halogenerators for the small salt rooms up to 30/60 m³ in size

Built-in salt feeder

Automatic loading of salt into the HaloGrinder when required. No need to clean the halogenerator after each use. The built-in compartment holds enough salt for the sessions throughout the day.

Wireless remote control

Full access to the functions of the halogenerator at a distance of 15 meters (50 feet). Up to 50 hours of continuous operation on a full charge. A charger and a USB-cable are included.

Improved advanced firmware

A variety of options to choose from pre-set application programs. Manual fine adjustments of parameters within a wide range and creation of the custom user-program(s). Real-time monitoring of concentration.

New features from Halomed

Dynamic concentration profile programs allowing two different salt aerosol concentrations within one session. Upgraded low-noise HaloGrinder. Aerosol outlet with a flow directing nozzle.

Halomed halogenerator HaloSet / HaloPrima-03 Mini for the small salt rooms

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Halomed halogenerators at favorable prices

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